About Ratelane

We believe that people should have the freedom to choose the financial products that are right for them. And making the right choice starts with with having the right information. Knowledge is key to making smart, responsible financial decisions. The kind that can affect not only your credit score and worthiness but your entire financial future.

In a financing world that is governed by over-complicated procedures and non understandable language, sometimes it feels like the system is designed to force you into making the wrong decisions. Decisions that are worth a lot of money for a few enterprises but usually at the great expense of the private end consumer.

Our team’s mission is to create an easy to use, simple to understand, intuitive platform to allow fellow financial consumers as ourselves to be well informed about the different possibilities they have when encountering financing related questions. We know that the more options you have, the stronger you are (as a consumer) in front of every specific provider.

What is Ratelane

Ratelane is an online financial guidance platform that serves as a marketplace for all the relevant financial products. We provide consumers the ability to find and choose between specific financing options that suit to their different circumstances and needs.

Our platform allows consumers to make intelligent decisions with the ease of staying in bed or while being on the go. By filling out our short & simple form users are exposed to the relevant financial offers and are free to contemplate and choose the right deal for them.

Our services are completely free of charge and free of any commitment. Ratelane’s business model allows it to generate income solely from the fact that financial institutes are willing to invest in the opportunity of being found and chosen by the consumer. If a consumer chooses a specific financial provider, the consumer is responsible for any fees, costs or expenses that might be caused by the funding of his choice.